A celebration of human creativity; A tribute to those who thrive despite setbacks. Provides hope and inspiration to Persons with Parkinson’s by featuring art by those with the disease. Seeks to promote the economic well-being of these artists by helping connect them with a broader audience.

Ingrid Hauff Parkinson's Bear

There is a body of research in cognitive science suggesting that the onset of Parkinsons’s Disease may produce a creative impulse in some. There is no question that to be reminded of one’s mortality is sobering and can drive one to look for ways to process the grief and other profound emotions they may be feeling. Others, having stepped away from their careers, suddenly have more time on their hands and search for a way to spend this time productively.

But for some special few, there is something more mysterious and magical at work. Some become filled a creative impulse that seeks an outlet and, when expressed, helps soothe them. For these few, art becomes integral to their lives in ways that they never thought possible before.

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