Legend of the Fire-Dancer Disease

Let me tell you a story…as my great-great-grandmother told her granddaughter and as she had heard it from her great-grandmother. And I think that this story goes to the ages far beyond our memory of ancient times. But this is one powerful and mystical story, full of hatred, rage, fear, fighting for what really matters and …(storyteller, an old woman near our campfire, sighs almost inaudibly.). We, wanderers, invite and accept all, who come with pure hearts and are in need of rest, to sit beside our campfire. We are in no need of anything material nor money. We are peaceful people, living by telling and sharing stories.


An ageless woman, barely visible in the glow of the fire, closes her eyes in remembrance…a gentle smile flickers at the corners of her mouth. And suddenly we see her, a young gypsy woman, at the beginning of her life, excited, yet a little hesitant.


“…Love…yes, a powerful feeling, which can ignite, burn and destroy!” And an ancient story starts its journey…


In every gypsy clan, there are those who can dance and sing so captivatingly that you forget everything around you. But only a clan of Fire-Dancers have girls who dare to play with flames. Who can step on living fire and still smile, without any sign of burn marks. On this dark summer night, Gypsy clans had their Midsummer party, with bonfires and food. Many people from everywhere in this country bustling about. Families with their youngsters, elderly ones, and youth, ready to be picked.


A young boy from a foreign clan had set his eyes on a young girl from the fire-walker clan. And she had noticed this young boy, intently watching her perform the art of fire-dancing.


After her dance, the girl stepped away from the light and started moving steadily towards the old oak tree, standing alone on the hill. The tree remembered her longings and silent whispers, tears, and awful crushing pain!


Now it was her first positive emotion, first love, so fragile and powerful. The tree stood there, accepting the most secret desire of the desperate gypsy girl: 


“Help me, my friend, please! I am in love, it has taken my heart and mind, so mightily that it is painful to even think about it. I want to leave my people, go with him, but you know, I know, that I can’t! Not ever!”. She wiped a flickering tear from her eyes. 


“All fire-dancer girls are destined to stay with their clan, performing their eternal fire-dance, thus only our clan knows the secret medicine meant to heal the aching body of fire-dancer! If any of us dares to leave, her fate is to live the rest of her life in living hell. We need flames to stay young for eternity, thus rare is the girl to be born with the fire-dancing mystical power. However, there`s no good without bad… our secret medicine heals all visible and internal invisible wounds, fire has burnt. But there is something, no one knows.”


A sudden rustle of grass attracted the girl’s attention. Our young boy had silently followed the girl to the oak tree and hid in the tall grass. Seeing that no one was around, she continued, whispering rapidly, “We, fire-dancers, are born with constant pain-inner scorching fire that torments our bones. We carry within us the urge to dance on living fire. I have tried to control this desire, suppress it, but my body needs it! You have seen me trembling, lying helpless on the ground, unable to move…It is because of the curse of being born as a fire-dancer!!!”


The young gypsy girl wrapped her arms around herself, tear-soaked face shining in the moonlight. The young man, feeling powerful from his first love, walked up to the girl, saying firmly and warmly, “I will protect you forever, with love and respect! Show me the way. I will bring you this magical medicine you need, so we can start a life together!”.


If I could only end this story with positivity…unfortunately, you can’t fight your fate. The young gypsy couple was captured by the girl’s clan warriors, stealing the secret medicine. The girl`s clan Chief (her father), first full of ultimate rage towards their disobedience, wanted to kill them! Then, after many prayers from the girl’s mother, he sentenced her to live her life without the healing power of secret medicine, losing her youth to the time. Despite everything their love stayed strong. They both gave their best to reduce the wicked symptoms of Fire-Dancer disease and to stabilize her condition. The most effective one was the medicine of creativity and active involvement: moving your aching body, dancing in rhythm and beat, with the help of music, writings, art, and singing. Everything that helps your body feel healthy, opens up your heart, lifts up your spirit, and inspires your soul!


For a moment there was silence…our storyteller raised her gaze upon us and smiled. “Well, it seems to be a happy ending after all! You can and must turn your journey towards positive ways to live! I should know as I have lived a long and happy life, regardless of being a Fire-Dancer!”


And here ends our story, the legend of Fire-Dancer disease, love, and ways of healing and support! Please, do not fear and hate Parkinson’s disease, because it could be the start of something rare, unique, and life-changing for you and those you meet on your Hero’s journey!



Used by permission of the author.

Reena Uusmets

I am Reena, a 49 years young lady from Estonia, Tallinn. I work as a kindergarten teacher. I love my ...more