Seeks to provide hope and inspiration to those with Parkinson’s disease and to promote the economic well-being of these artists by helping them connect with a broader audience.

In support of its mission, The Quiver is proud to present and or promote the following programs.

“Piercing the Heart of Parkinson’s” is a major art show and sale that will be held in Austin, Texas. Contact us for more information.
“Words that Heal” is an 8-session poetry online workshop for Person’s with Parkinson’s and the Caregivers. More information can be found here.
Shakespeare for Parkinson’s combines the Bard’s poetry and scenes from  his plays with movements designed to activate all the muscles of the body,  strengthen the voice and speech, stimulate the imagination and improve  memory – all of which carry over to the activities of daily living.
Poets with Parkinson’s is a free live event which takes place online at 7pm UK time on the last Tuesday of the month. Meet up with other poetry lovers whose lives have been touched by Parkinson’s Disease.

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