From the Past to the Future

I tremble inside

Every time I hear

Every time I see

Or sense the fear…

I can barely move

I am in a hole


not recognisable

And even now

When I am in peace

I stand so fearless

Just having a glimpse

Of New mindset released

Yes even now



I see myself

Having fun of her life

Try out and say

What matters the most

With shining heart!

Embracing the world

Smiling face

With passion

Intentions meant kind

Can trigger my fear

I do not dare

To start all over

I fall again

To the edge of my low


Not relatable.


Used by permission of the author.

Reena Uusmets

I am Reena, a 49 years young lady from Estonia, Tallinn. I work as a kindergarten teacher. I love my ...more