A Blessing for the Trembling and the Rigid

May you remember that you are more
than your skin, bones, and blood.
Even more than your jeweled heart.
You are more
than all of these put together
in this miraculous, fallible human form.
You are the light reflected in the dew of
your earliest stumbling mornings.
You are the owl song of your darkest nights.


When you feel small,
may you remember to claim a space
that meets the ocean
the mountains
the sky.
When you feel lost,
may your breath be a map of your own making
to show you the way home.
May the music of your life
be forever tuned to the earth’s steady song.


And when none of this holds,
when all that remains is despair,
let us, the stiff and trembling ones,
hold you in our shared vulnerabilities and remember together
that it is the alchemy of love that turns this lead into precious gold.


Used by permission of the author.

Ashley Romberg

Ashley was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2021. She is a health coach specializing in women in midlife and a ...more