Backwards, onwords, stop, turn, fall, arise and GO!

When there was confusion and anxiety
hopelessness and urge to end the act I called hanging on …
When my only bright moment of a day was
a brief chat with my dear old friend.
She knew, she related
having illness almost the same.
She guided me through the swamp full of lost lives
towards my redemption.
I felt so blaaah–same old, you know…
smile on, inside just empty!
But…yes there is a but,
there is a time
for every single struggler
to start her journey,
just sense the time and meet the unknown.
Your scream has value, your thought makes sense.
Dive in eyes open…breathtakingly
vivid yet dark and hidden
moments of life are there to meet you!


Used by permission of the author.

Reena Uusmets

I am Reena, a 49 years young lady from Estonia, Tallinn. I work as a kindergarten teacher. I love my ...more