My Spirit Roams Free

Oh, cursed disease, the destroyer of time!
Crippling bodies without reason or rhyme.
Cognition and thought, once rational and clear,
Now shrouded by fog begins to disappear.


Warm, glowing eyes once sparkling with expression,
Now staring blankly behind a mask of depression.
Voices boldly speaking with eloquence and strength,
Reduced to shaky, timid whispers devoid of length.


Oh, cursed disease, the insidious thief of time!
Stealing things so dear without reason or rhyme.
Teachers no longer teach, deep thoughts not connecting,
Singers no longer sing, betrayed voices not inflecting.


Ambition and dreams withering on the vine,
Apathy and fatigue aging as overheated wine.
Sleepdenied, overwhelmed by demons of despair,
Lying in wait as wolves leave their lair.


Oh cursed disease, excising love out of time!
Denying passion and love without reason or rhyme.
For whom could truly love one so broken and frail?
Too much life for a caregiver, need a lover to prevail.


Passionate love, eternal companionship mere fantasy,
Emptiness, loneliness, indescribable yearning reality.
Longing for eyes to search deeply into the soul,
The kiss of soft lips, the warm embrace that consoles.


Oh cursed disease, what can be said of your time!
My heart and my soul defy you without reason or rhyme.
For the essence of my being lies not in your sphere,
The thirst for life and love is gently quenched here.


My spirit roams free from the bonds of your world,
With laughter and love abounding impearled,
In the arms of my Lord love is redefined,
A Love beyond love that transcends space and time.


Used by permission of the author.


Craig Potts

Craig was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the summer of 2017 and in 2019 had deep brain stimulation surgery. Having been ...more