Chantal Wolf

Chantal Wolf is a Canadian painter and poet. Born in the United Kingdom, she grew up in the Toronto area and now lives in Collingwood, Ontario. Her high-school art teacher, Sister Collette, really inspired her, and she went on to study Illustration at Sheridan College, though she is largely self-taught. Over the years, she has continued to create art, including numerous paintings as well as commissioned portraits and murals. Ms. Wolf’s desire to make a difference led to her career in education, where she supported students with special needs. In this work, her passion for art so often served as a bridge of connection.

In 2016 a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease reignited her creativity and has since fuelled an exciting journey of artistic exploration. She says of her art since diagnosis, “I think it’s more authentically me. Whereas before I used to maybe try and paint like somebody I admired, or I wanted my work to be like theirs, now it’s from a more authentic place.” Her style was much more realistic before diagnosis. “It’s almost like the Parkinson’s gave me permission to just go wild and try to just experiment and play, and it led me in a totally new direction.” Along this path of creative self-expression, Ms. Wolf has received several awards for her art.

Her first book of poetry, Painted Words, Poetry, Art and Parkinson’s ,was published in the fall of 2022.. In it she says, “Although I didn’t choose this, I decided early on that I could choose how to respond, rather than letting worry and uncertainty be the driving forces. I wanted art and creativity to lead the way.” Since then, “It’s been a beautiful ride; it’s been a gift.” That ride is taking her to Spain this summer to attend the World Parkinson’s Congress, where her book was chosen to be highlighted.


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