not today

today, I declare is No Parkinson’s Day

a day of pause, a day of reprieve 

away from my demanding, uninvited companion

with the nasty sense of humour

I hesitate to complain, many others face far worse

than the unpleasant collection of challenges 

waiting in the wings for me

but I wish for some space 

just for 24 hours 

between this uninvited companion

and me

how will I spend this time without PD, you ask?

will I paint with wild abandon,

on massive empty walls 

use smooth sweeping motions

unhindered, confident and free?

will my thoughts, once tangled and elusive,

find clarity and courage

to speak the things I didn’t say

in a boldly loud outdoor voice

unburdened by nerves and hesitation?

will I dance with practiced ease

fluid and flawless, rhythmical, effortless

balance like a gymnast,

or a yogi poised, unwavering

and as solid as a tree? 

who am I kidding? …that’s really not me!!

and I’m pretty sure 

won’t ever be

truth is my uninvited companion and I 

have become fairly close

we clash now and then and argue 

about who’s actually in charge

but I am who I am, 

with this associate in tow

shaped by a relationship 

I wouldn’t have requested

I am in with two feet

and the rest of me too

but I still get to choose 

how to rise to each challenge

before my “friend” gets 

much too big for her boots


Used by permission of the author.

Chantal Wolf Chantal Wolf is a Canadian painter and poet. Born in the United Kingdom, she grew up in the Toronto area ...more