Mixed media on clay board (12”x12")

After the Argument

“There’s a bit of a story behind why I called it ‘After the Argument.’ The process of painting for me (I paint and/or write every day) does not always flow smoothly… just as in life there is ease and struggle, and sometimes you just have to ride out the waves.” She had put this piece aside to work on another, and this second piece did not come easily. It took a great deal of time in fact (see “Arguing with the Adversary”). “In contrast, painting ‘After the Argument’ was a delightful, playful process that flowed with ease from start to finish… but whether it flows or stumbles, the wonder, the curiosity, and the magic of a creative practice fills me with joy and gratitude.”

Chantal Wolf

https://vimeo.com/857996627 Chantal Wolf is a Canadian painter and poet. Born in the United Kingdom, she grew up in the Toronto area ...more