I hesitate…I flip, I flop…I erase…I start over

I choose the words then discard

at first they fit, then they don’t

why is it so hard to step 

from the edge in to the light?

instead…squirmy uncomfortable, exposed 

no self promotion here

it just isn’t done

there’s always the risk

that you’ll start to think too much of yourself

an endless loop of messages replay 

words and rules and ways to behave

swirl and swarm like gnats about my head

yours is not to question why, yours is but to do or….

stay the course that’s expected

what do you know anyway?

you’ve got nothing of worth to give

or so I thought, all those years

it was the only way I knew…

now as I dig through these thoughts with long roots

as if I’m being unearthed

…in crumbs and tidbits, not all at once

but the air’s getting in…

can I breathe away

the steadily stomped on

and stuffed down?

flow towards 

the open, the spacious

the beautiful unknown

where I am so much more

than the route on a map 

that others might choose to follow


Used by permission of the author.

Chantal Wolf

https://vimeo.com/857996627 Chantal Wolf is a Canadian painter and poet. Born in the United Kingdom, she grew up in the Toronto area ...more