Painted Words: Poetry, Art and Parkinson’s

Painted Words is a collection of twenty-five poems where poet Chantal Wolf finds her artistic voice again following a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. These poems reflect on and investigate the complexities of the disease, what it means to be human, the natural world, as well as the author’s sense of self. Persistence, positivity, and love permeate this stunning collection. With themes of connection, healing, and surmounting challenges, Painted Words is a poetic exploration of universal and deeply personal motifs. “Amidst the self-imposed, self-directed, self-judging pressure to keep up,” Wolf shows us the ways we can continue on.

Rich with imagery, metaphors, and sound, these poems share the poet’s unique perspective and vulnerabilities. This book reaches beyond poetry lovers with its accessible language and attention to detail that will be sure to take hold of anyone who cracks its spine. If you’re searching to reclaim your own voice, for whatever reason, Wolf shares a way to find it.

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