Reena Uusmets

I am Reena, a 49 years young lady from Estonia, Tallinn. I work as a kindergarten teacher. I love my active healthy lifestyle! My passion is doing everything I practice doing with all my whole heart and soul! I dance, ice-skate, train to become a stunt girl, do comedy standup shows, participate in films, music videos, series, and as a background actress. I have secret superpowers like Parkinson’s Disease and Fibromyalgia. I have recently joined an improv class and Creative Writing course, especially for Parkinson’s people and their caregivers. For Creative Writing course assignments, we write stories about our relationship with PD- fear, acceptance, ignorance, hate, powerful side effects, and hope. Along this process of writing, I have discovered a new ability in me, the ability to write poems or song lyrics.

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