Frank Antonicelli

Frank Antonicelli is an author, poet, and musician based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 43 in 2007, Frank decided to enter a new creative chapter in his life and began to focus full-time on writing and creating music. Stemming from his love for writing, Frank founded Be Still Publishing, a platform to share his poetry, lyrics, and music. 

His band Animal Speak has released several singles and is preparing to release their debut album this fall. Their music videos can be found on their YouTube channel:

In 2023, Frank created his first audiobook titled: “Embracing Parkinson’s”, which chronicles a series of candid conversations he had with his movement disorder specialist (MDS) partner, Joe Green, where they talk openly about living with PD and share the strategies Frank’s been using to handle it day in and day out.

More info can be found on his website:

After his PD diagnosis in 2007, Frank realized that he didn’t want to let Parkinson’s take away any more of himself than it already had. “It was time for me to focus on doing the things I loved, including writing poems, songs, and creating art. In my journey, I’ve learned to embrace Parkinson’s and use it to fuel my creative side.”


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