The Wars We Wage

An impenetrable bond that once encased two hearts,

Is now in a state of disarray shattered and torn apart.


And when the warring faction placed their battlements on the ground,

Little was left standing, a familiar world turned upside down.


Looking over the battlefield where both sides were engaged,

remained relics of the bitterness from which this uncivil war was waged.


And now the spoils from the victory seem hardly worth the cost,

when considering the sheer magnitude of personal and financial loss.


So, the lesson that can be taken and one should keep in mind,

the grass may appear but is seldom greener on the other side.


Used by permission of the author.

Frank Antonicelli

Frank Antonicelli is an author, poet, and musician based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age ...more