Walking in Sand

Being diagnosed with a progressive disease is scary and life changing stuff. In the author’s case it was “Parkinson’s Disease” that the neurologist diagnosed him with as he was stood in the consulting room in his thread bare underwear.

What do you do next? Who do you tell? How do you cope with it? Can I still work? Do I tell my loved one’s and friends? What do I tell them?

“Walking in Sand” is a moving, funny and practical story for all those affected by progressive diseases, especially Parkinson’s disease.
This short book is suitable for those who have been diagnosed with any sort of disease, for families of diagnosed patients and for health care professionals – so that they can really understand what makes some of their patient’s tick.
Its short, easy and quick to read, sad but with a smile.
“Walking In sand” won’t change your diagnosis but it may help fellow Parkinson’s patients know they are not alone.

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