Vignettes in Verse

Instead of serving time, let time be the servant, offering on the platter of progress an opportunity to slowly peel back the layers of your life, eventually coming to an understanding about what it is that brought you here in the first place.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Jay Carson chose to make a change. Drawing on personal experience and observation, he took to writing of the rapture and rupture of life and the thin veil separating the two. Instead of the end, a new beginning. Instead of the dungeon of despair, a house of healing. Instead of abject loss, a gift seen for what it is precisely because of loss. The Creator writes straight using crooked lines!

Jay’s creative reflections culminated in this collection of lyric poems and beautiful photographs, published posthumously to honour the author’s courage in the face of a degenerative condition. By turns playful, sober, and sublime, this collection includes imagistic stories of the past; meditations on timeless themes; pithy bon mots; and tributes to nature’s sacred beauty.

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