Parkinson’s Lite: the Laughable Side

Parkinson’s Lite is a non-fiction funny book about a not-so-funny disease. It brings to light Marie and Pat, a married couple, who in an attempt to cope with Parkinson’s, wind up switching roles. Pat, the retired cop accustomed to great Italian meals and lots of pampering to being the caretaker, maid, dog walker, and cook. The latter which he compares to an acute case of Shingles. We watch Marie slowly leave her independent self behind and become totally dependent on her exhausted, stressed out hubby, Pat. The story is real. The characters are real. The volatile, laugh-out-loud situations that arise are real. For instant: Arguing while he’s helping her buck-naked body out of the tub. Fighting over an egg roll. Pat, never saying the right thing to assuage their arguments. It’s inspirational as well, showing Marie’s amazing progress and giving hope and lots of rainbows to those who suffer from Parkinson’s and other debilitating diseases.

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