JUST WOBBLING ALONG: My First Five Years with Parkinson’s Disease

From hilarious to heartbreaking, this is an ordinary woman’s deeply personal and honest account of daily life during the first five years of having Parkinson’s Disease in her early fifties. The book aims to open the door on this widely misunderstood incurable neurological condition, in particular giving a unique insight into the parts that go unseen. It is a lesson on an everyday person having to learn to live life differently whilst watching a degenerative disease rob her of the things she loves doing. It is also a tale of courage and determination not to beaten, and the subsequent search for new ways to find fulfillment and maintain self-worth. A rollercoaster of the funny to the frustrating, laughter and tears, this is a must-read for fellow Parkinson’s patients – their families, friends, and colleagues. It also provides a valuable resource for health professionals into the parts of Parkinson’s Disease they don’t see.

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