Detours through the Parkinsonian Brain

Detours through the Parkinsonian Brain is a self-help book for and by people with parkinson’s and their loved ones. This book enables people to name the thinking obstacles that get in their way the most, facilitates discussions on a relatively invisible topic, inspires people to try the detours of their peers, informs and raises awareness. The thinking obstacles and detours were collected as part of a scientific study: The COPIED study. COPIED symbolizes learning from each other by copying each other.

This book is meant to be leafed through at your leisure, to be left open on a page that appeals to you, to be discussed with the people you love, to be taken to your health care provider, to be left lying around and then to see what happens when others see it lying around. Above all, it is meant to make thinking obstacles in parkinson’s so visible that its invisibility is no longer an obstacle in itself.

The 6 cards you get with this book are a first modest elaboration of the wish that has come along several times.
Can I hand out something to those around me to facilitate understanding? The cards always combine an image with an explanation and/or request.

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