Being Well with Chronic Illness: A Guide to Joy & Resilience with Your Diagnosis

Being Well with Chronic Illness is a self-help guide for those with chronic illnesses looking to find a better path to wellness.

More than 40% of the US population are affected by chronic diseases. Being Well with Chronic Illness is a guide book for every single one of those people suffering with chronic illness looking to live full lives characterized by joy, resilience, and wellness.

Receiving a diagnosis of terminal illness is a turning point in a person’s life where everything they’ve ever known is suddenly turned on its head. Negative emotions like anxiety, depression, anger and uncertainty are ever-present, while the way forward back to health and wellness seems full of twists and turns. This is because the path to wellness—and away from wellness—is a spiral.

Being Well with Chronic Illness introduces the simple, but powerful concept of the Wellness Spiral, an actionable pathway anyone can follow to turn bad life events to opportunities for growth and wellness. The intricacies of the Wellness Spiral lay out a road map to how we respond to life’s harshest challenges—and how we can rise above them.

You can reclaim wellness through intention and self-discovery. Being Well with Chronic Illness charts the course for a journey that supports finding hope and wholeness after an unexpected diagnosis. This book is for anyone who is at a crossroads and wants to find ways to build resilience.

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