Rob Bristol

Rob Bristol is from Carclaze, St Austell in the glorious county of Cornwall. He moved there in 2012, achieving an ambition that began in 1981 when I fist visited the county.
Just as with his move to Cornwall, Rob began writing poetry rather late in life. He began writing in 2010  when he was 49 years old, simply as whimsical fun. Rob was astonished by the reception his poetry received. Rob later joined Fanstory, which at that time boasted 33,276 registered members worldwide, and was surprised when he was voted 3rd best Poet in 2011. Rob has now written over 3000 poems.
In addition to poetry, Rob also enjoys photography, British heavy metal and classic rock music (he has seen Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis and many other bands in concert) and visiting all of the beautiful spots in Cornwall, with his two dogs, Zeus and Thor.

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