Trapped within my own mind, fighting to get out,
Avoiding all reality, as people scream and shout,
Shadows move toward me, then they disappear,
Begging me to question, am I really here.

Servants of the system, follow where I go,
Keeping close surveillance, for reasons I don’t know,
They treat me as a criminal, though I’ve done no crime,
I gain a sense of urgency, the need to reach my prime.

Longing for a solitude, a place where I am free,
Haunted by the nightmares, chasing after me,
Natural scenes of beauty, slaughtered by a crowd,
Craving their removal, I try to scream out loud.

Muted acts of malice, occurring everywhere,
People just ignore them, without a moments care,
I see the clouds of hatred, on every city street,
Distorting the appearance of all I’ve yet to meet.

Quivering in silence, concerned about my fate,
I hear the heads of government, spouting words of hate,
Demanding by deceptions, distorting national news,
Persecution of the innocent, challenging their views.

Men who practice medicine, try to corner me,
Those who sense a danger, while ever I roam free,
Psychiatric specialists creeping up behind,
Welcome to the dark side, of the human mind….

Rob Bristol

Rob Bristol is from Carclaze, St Austell in the glorious county of Cornwall. He moved there in 2012, achieving an ...more