The Soapbox Jester

I feel like a jester in the middle of the crowd that needs to be heard with so many words that make him feel proud, but nobody listens to a single word. So he stands in a soapbox and shots out loud to his voice can be heard in the middle of a crowd, and it seems like the jester is completely ignored. So he climbs up on the roof of his house with a gigantic sign saying listen out loud. But the people are deaf dumb and blind or completely sublime. So he drags all the furniture out of the house and builds a big bonfire in the middle of the road. And he likes it up like a beacon of hope as the big, black plumes of toxic smoke go up into the air and make everybody choke. I can say what I want says the jester out loud as his brain seems to spin like a washing machine And mixes his words and messes them up as they come out of his mouth as gobbledygook. Which makes him sound like some paranoid hound. But these are his words they need to be heard the jester out loud in the middle of the crowd. But nobody listens, and nobody cares as he just resting so sad song to the stars.

Used by permission of the author.

Robert Keene

I would probably sum myself up in three words. The first word that immediately comes to mind is COMPLICATED. And I ...more