Poem March 1, 2024

Craig Potts

My Spirit Roams Free

Poem January 17, 2024

Grace Heim

The Shoes

Essay February 20, 2023

Susan Beth Lehman

Sisyphus and the Golden Year

The poem and the painting are always displayed together. Indeed, they evolved together. WWS calls the painting a visual interrogation of the poem, which changed as the painting came into being. The anger expressed was born of her body’s failure to perform as it did pre-Parkinson’s, but that anger then moves into the frustrations women face in a society that similarly limits their performance. Then it grows further: “It’s also centered around this whole idea of disabled people. We’re meant to be quiet. We’re meant not to have a voice. It’s about, I suppose, anything in society where people look at you, and you’re the disadvantaged.”