My Philosophy of Life

When we come into this world,

we don’t know where we belong,

it’s up to our parents,

to nurture us and teach us to know right from wrong.


As we begin our journey,

from a child to an adult,

our parents, siblings, and friends along the way,

all have influence on our end result.


I am not a religious person,

but there are two things I believe in,

our time on earth is predetermined,

every person we meet is for a reason.


We all have choices,

which road we choose to take,

no matter where the influence comes from,

it’s still our decision to make.


Some of us will be born with disadvantages or have illnesses,

and we will all question why,

we must not let this consume us,

but just take it in our stride.


No matter how bad our days seem,

we must always remember this,

there is someone out there worse off than you,

this we should never dismiss.


Some of us will be fortunate,

to have a husband or wife,

others will have best friends or just family,

to love and support us through our life.


Don’t be afraid to show these people,

through some kind of admission,

no matter what your or their personalities are,

there are ways or gestures that can show recognition.


Through our journey of life,

many memories will be made,

let’s celebrate only the good ones,

and take these to our graves.


As Abraham Lincoln once said,

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”. 




Used by permission of the author.

Gary Price

Gary Price is 62 and lives in Victoria Australia. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2009. Gary is a ...more