Meant to Be

When first hearing the news 

I felt virtually battered and bruised 

As my mind,

etched a bleak future, 

with disease, labeled PD


I thought to myself, I’m not destined for the shelf

This thief wouldn’t define who I am

Not to be trapped, I’d thrive to adapt 

I’m living, however it’s meant to be.


This life didn’t come all gift wrapped 

Though there’s an unwritten guarantee

This will still be our life, no matter what we do 

Cuz it was meant to be


Some may think that one’s life is ruined 

when illness settles in

I see a life that’s forced to change

far from ruined, yet preparing to begin


Set aside the “Oh..why me?”

 try to change what we think we can 

Share our spirit and inspiring ways 

Living a future that’s round the bend. 


To exclude surprising thrills and untimed spills, 

It’s through those, we may have to live

They don’t ruin life but construct one’s life … 

for a “ruined” life is one not lived 


What I’m trying to say here

Is “what’s to come” has no guarantee 

for the ’now’ is ours to live fully 

and leave “still to come”

as it’s meant to be


Used by permission of the author.

Shane McPhee

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s (PD) in October 2011, Shane, since then,  has found a growing interest in writing stories or poems ...more