Man of Our Time

I’m an uncoordinated mess of a proud man but who really cares and really gives a damn The feeling and senses are simply out of line my functionality is seemingly on the decline I sputter or stutter and maybe I even mutter I stagger around and fall into the nearest gutter They laugh at me and think it’s really funny But I look so serious and I seem rather angry I look in the mirror and there’s a total stranger my mind feels so fuzzy so maybe I’m crazy I’m a shell of a man and seem rather lazy I know where I’m going and I can see clearly My screams are so loud but nobody hears me I’m sinking so low but who cares about me in the sea of lost souls with no real hope I’m a man of our time but I can’t concentrate I think that it’s time for me to demonstrate that I still have a brain and I can still use it And prove to the world that I can truly beat it

Used by permission of the author.

Robert Keene

I would probably sum myself up in three words. The first word that immediately comes to mind is COMPLICATED. And I ...more