Art has been part of Wendy’s life for as long as she can remember. Her father was millwright but enjoyed carving animals and drawing. She said that “he drew all kinds of things but especially enjoyed drawings cartoon characters. He would draw these characters and then tell stories about them.”


Wendy enjoyed drawing as a child but stopped for a long time to devote herself to raising her children. Once she was diagnosed, her love of drawing and painting returned to her as if in answer to her prayers. Since then, she has painted every day. She finds it to be very therapeutic.


Wendy has always painted in bold, vibrant colors. But now her style has gotten looser and freer, as if her PD diagnosis has liberated her somehow.


It makes her happy to know that she is bringing joy to people through her art. She remembers once when she posted one of her paintings online and a lady commented to her “Your art made me smile today in a way that I have not smiled in a very long time.” She thought to her herself that if her art can do that, well that’s good enough for her.

Wendy K. Smith

Wendy Smith is a retired housekeeper, kitchen assistant, cosmetologist, and now is a full time artist. She was diagnosed with ...more