Dire lurch within my stomach’s pit.

Parkinson’s wields another hit.

I perceive that I am reeling,

From this foe with which I’m dealing.

Yet, I discern I must face more,

Of this disease that I deplore.


The future appears doomed and bleak.

Have I now summitted life’s peak?

My spouse and I have plans ahead.

Distant lands upon which to tread.

Foreboding thoughts of dreams taken.

Aspirations now forsaken.


I feel I’ve perpetrated crime.

My spouse now shares this pantomime.

Perhaps I should be convicted,

For the confines I’ve inflicted?

But the future remains untold.

We’ll retain hope, as it unfolds.


We have already learnt to share,

Whatever cross that we must bear.

We adapt as we walk the path,

And we fill life with fun and laughs.

With some dreams already in place,

I think we’re ahead of the race.


The future is not set in stone.

There’ll be no joy if we bemoan.

As research makes progress each year,

They may resolve the things we fear.

Pursue the things while you’re able.

Gather friends around life’s table.

Used by permission of the author.

Dean George Parsons

Born in London, Dean G. Parsons is a renowned psychotherapist and writer now living in the beautiful county of Suffolk; ...more