The Quiver March 2022 Poetical Challenge

God’s Grace is Enough

“I knew it, before I heard it,                  Always trust your gut instinct,“You have Parkinson’s”. Doctor, tell me something I don’t know,                 Parkinson’s starts in the same place  (gut)Lewy Bodies folding; axioms aflamed; dendrites adrift                  Words you never want to hearYou know, an “Atomic Event”; a club you don’t want to join,                   The rest of your life blown up“Normal” is not normal anymore,                    Your life will never be the sameNo known cause, no known cure,                     Perseverance builds hope, through characterWhat will the new normal be?                     God’s Plan, not mine!F.E.A.R. (Future expectations appear real) sets in,                      A loving wife, children and friends’ prayers beginI was happy being a warlord of commerce,                      I did not know I could be loved so muchThe thrill of the kill; the taste of blood,                      I learned that my life is not about me!Unwanted tremors shake digits,                      “Shaken, not stirred” reaches other’s heartsNow thoughts disappear mid-sentence,                       Will I be able to live, what I used to preach?Emotions ignited, tears at the drop of a word,                       “Disease Ambassador”… set freeNight Terrors, the Tiger-man is loose                       Oh, the peace that passed all understandingFatigue, too tired to sleep,                       More “On” than “Off”,Drugs three times a day, everyday                       They just mask the symptoms, why do I even pay?Quiet, small voice…What did you say?                       Kinder, gentler words sing from my mouthSwallowing, choking, and a lot of drool,                       God’s grace, oh what a powerful toolGone are hoop teams and tying my own flies,                       Try something new…the view from a 14’er, pricelessMy life is not falling apart,                        It is falling into placeThe Warlord of Commerce’s creation, smashed into bits,                        Now I can build the mosaic of my lifeMy Life is upended,                        Just as God had intended for me!

Gregory Ritscher

As a successful business leader for over forty years, Greg has helped build three different business empires, in three different ...more