The Tango Effect

Every hour in the UK, two people are told they have Parkinson’s disease. For Kate Swindlehurst, the diagnosis was a turning point: refusing to be defined by her condition, she chose instead a radically different path.

This is the story of an extraordinary year. It begins with a single tango lesson but grows into an exploration of the dance itself, its history, its music and its incredible healing potential.

It is a year in which Kate explored and documented ‘the tango effect’ – the emotional and social benefits of dance on Parkinson’s symptoms. Her personal account echoes what science is beginning to tell us about the powerful and transformative impact of Argentine tango.

Intimate and unflinching, The Tango Effect challenges our perceptions of living with a chronic condition. Above all, it takes an honest look at the dark side of the illness while celebrating moments of joy, interconnectedness, acceptance and liberation.

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