Rebirth at 50: In the end, it was not The End

Readers will feel like they are close friends of Florencia Cerruti, taking a cup of coffee with her while she shares a story that began in July 2013, when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 47. At the time, she was at the peak of her career feeling she was leading a perfect life, that she kept total control. The diagnosis threatened every single characteristic through which she defined herself, so she soon realized that the only way to move on was to rediscover who she really was.

Florencia takes her readers through the dark days of the early stages, but as the pages roll over 4 years of her life, they will cry and laugh with her, until they experience her rebirth. Each chapter represents a new challenge that she had to learn to face. But each chapter in turn is steeped in the choices she made: she wouldn’t give up, she wouldn’t let the disease define her, or inspire pity. But they are also marked by the purpose of turning the crisis into an opportunity to evolve towards a new and better version of herself.

Through a torrent of honesty and courage, she shares how she went through the fears, the mistakes she made, how she learnt to master each upcoming challenging obstacle, how she was able in each moment to identify the half-full glass, how she dealt with the tension between grieving for the loss of everything she had worked so hard to reach and the new life that was beginning to emerge. Finally, she writes 4 unmissable letters: to her husband, to her mother, to her daughters and «To you, who are on my same path».

The deep and inspiring story of Florencia manages to change people’s lives. It is a book that calls us to reflect on our path, to find a way to heal, to be the hero of our own story. In essence, this book gives each reader a message of hope: If Florencia did it, others can too.

In a window of astonishing coincidences Florencia meets Marie Perry, and a bond began to emerge. Being both keen to share their experiences to help others, and regardless of the distance, they became strong allies and worked as a team to translate Renacer a los 50: la enfermedad de Parkinson como punto de partida into Rebirth at 50.

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