Parkinson’s? You’re Kidding Me, Right? One Womans’ Unshakeable Belief in Overcoming a Shaky Diagnosis

In this book, journalist Sheryl Jedlinski tells the story of her 20-year journey with Parkinson’s disease in a way that empowers readers to face this degenerative neurological disease with courage, grace, and dignity.

Sharing the knowledge, coping strategies, and experiences that have helped her live well with Parkinson’s, Sheryl offers fellow patients insights that they crave, but rarely receive. She also uses her humorous adventures to address adjustments that must be made to enjoy a full, productive life.

Told through entertaining stories, this clever, creative read can benefit newbies and old-timers, care partners, doctors, nurses, and physical therapists eager to learn more about the practical aspects of living with Parkinson’s. At the same time, the topics are broad enough to be relevant to anyone experiencing a life changing event of any kind.

The bottom line, Sheryl says, is that, “While we may need to dream new dreams to fit our New Normal, it is important to recognize that in so doing, we may exceed our original expectations.

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