Out of Order – My Life with Parkinson’s

Part biography, part guide and part commentary on the frailty of the human condition. It also explores the process that follows a life changing diagnosis. In writing his story, having lived with the condition for 25 years, Ray Wegrzyn does not seek to hide the realities of Parkinson’s, not only for himself but also inevitably for those around him. But nor does he suffer from the condition. Rather, it is an aspect of his life with which he has to deal on a daily basis. His account of his life is at times funny at times tragic, but invariably seeking the positive.This book does not attempt to tell people how they should deal with Parkinson’s. Nor does it promote any single therapy or treatment model. However, readers may well find themselves given pause for thought about some of the realities discovered through living as long as he has with the condition.Dealing with his difficulty in accepting the need for early retirement due to his health and fearing life becoming empty and lacking purpose, amongst other things, he has founded and runs a charity. Parkinson’s EQUIP exists to support people with Parkinson’s directly. Ray has committed all of the royalties from sales of this book to the charity to be used to continue to support a variety of projects that it has become involved with in recent years.If you have Parkinson’s, or look after somebody who has it, or if you’re a medical professional who deals with people with Parkinson’s, then you really should read this book.Dealing frankly as it does with some difficult issues of loss and recovery, this is not a light-hearted read. It is however, an excellent, thoughtful and sometimes funny read, which is touching, meaningful and inspirational.

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