Fighting Parkinson’s…and Winning: A Memoir of My Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

“After reading this book and following Howard’s recipe for some time now, I can only say this book is worth each and every word. It is highly valuable and, by the way, I feel much better now and my symptoms have almost disappear so far. I recommend to anyone who is seeking some alternative path to his treatment on Parkinson’s.” — Amazon Kunde, Amazon Verified Purchaser. “Howard’s Recipe For Recovery is a breath of fresh air; If you do the recipe you will be on the road to recovery, the same road the cured walked before us, six of them so far in the past seven years. How full of hope is that?! The first sign that things were turning around for me was that my sense of smell came back after twenty years. Now where before there was despair I’m so thankful to have hope and the means to make it happen…now there are tears of joy! It’s a great book…Don’t miss it! Hope fulfilled is priceless and it’s in your hand. Buy the book!!!!” — Thomas J., Amazon Verified Purchaser. “This book is the fascinating story of his recovery, and the recovery of others over the years afterwards, using his Recipe…Although there are a few individual, poorly substantiated claims of curing Parkinson’s, this is the only one I know of that has cured multiple identified individuals of this “incurable” disease. We owe Howard a great deal of gratitude for his generosity in sharing his Recipe with us here and on his extensive website. His Recipe is likely to be the best cure available over the next decade.” — prestonpdx, Amazon Verified Purchaser. Howard Shifke fully recovered from Parkinson’s Disease. This memoir presents Howard’s story of getting Parkinson’s and provides a detailed account of how he won the fight against it. The memoir tells the story of what it was like for Howard to live day-to-day with Parkinson’s, getting through the daily challenges and misgivings as well as how he looked toward the future with hope. Howard suffered with internal tremors; extremely poor balance; Bradykinesia (walking — hunched forward, shuffled feet, arms did not swing); rigidity (arms, legs and upper back were tight and extremely painful); constipation; inability to stand up straight, to get out of a chair without using arms, to go up and down stairs without holding railing; difficulty getting a utensil to his mouth when trying to eat; falling asleep in middle of the day; frozen face; inability to write or to type with two hands; extreme fatigue. In the fall of 2009, Howard Shifke was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. His mother had Parkinson’s for twenty-four years before dying in 2007, just two years prior to Howard diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Having watched her physically deteriorate from the disease and mentally deteriorate from the medications was difficult and frightening. Howard did not want to end up the way his mother had ended up with the disease. Fortunately, in 1999, Howard had started studying alternative healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the ten years leading up to his diagnosis, he had learned the body has the ability to heal itself. As a result, Howard decided he would endeavor to recover from Parkinson’s, and he developed an alternative treatment methodology called his Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Nine months later, he won the fight against Parkinson’s with his full recovery. In Howard’s two neurologist visits subsequent to his full recovery, his neurologist put him through all of the tests used for the original diagnosis. Both times, his neurologist documented in Howard’s medical records that there were no signs or symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Howard has been symptom free fully recovered from Parkinson’s since June 12, 2010.

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