Body Beautiful No More

I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s body
And I don’t know what to do;
Where’s the perfect hour glass figure
Of the body that I knew?
Did I make some bad decisions
As I stepped down the path of life,
Was I always meant to carry
This weight as a disguise?

When did legs that once walked
The town’s boundary,
My teenage stomping ground,
Increase in girth, and what is worse,
Refuse to move around ;
And here’s a thing –
My arms don’t swing
Could it really be getting worse?

There’s a name for this condition
Though it doesn’t help a lot;
Because Parkinson has woven
His destructive little plot.
There’s a chance I could be dreaming,
And the years not turned to dust
But I don’t have the wherewithal
To reverse Parky’s unwelcome thrust.

Used by permission of the author.

Jennifer Yates

Jennifer lives in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK. She is an Open University Masters graduate and a former NHS manager working ...more