Baggage – A List Poem?

Spare vests and pants of yesteryear

are now accompanied by fear –

for are the correct chargers there

(and that reminds, night malt required)

for laptop, puffs and scooter, phone?


Sufficient tablets for the stay,

each waking, morning, tea time, night,

back-up in case, for some delay,

(though kids, their tablets anyway),

and tonic, diet, to wash down,

plus stockings, cream, in place of socks

which do not pressure, give support?


Some silk-patched sheets to turn at night,

unwieldy under-mattress-frame

to block my falling out of bed,

though dawning, high jump skills required –

a scissor kick, believe it’s called –

to lift both legs above the steel,

negotiate, ground threatened slide.


Mobile, for one not moving round –

it’s used, alarmingly, pill-time –

at least no I-phone – just not me,

though vapes that seem to dull the aches

with refills, menthol nicotine.


The fish, well-fed, timed heat and light,

for neons flash, short power cut –

a week’s long time, aquaria –

like politics; priorities,

replanting weed and netting dead,

unless one first puts kettle on,

remembering the socket’s off.


Such baggage comes with this PD,

the stick, blue badge, and RADAR key –

you know, the loo, I mean to say –

that scooter, battery on charge –

at folks who saunter in the way.


I scribbled checklist, envelope –

can’t read my quiver writing, still

fruit, veg means I’ve mixed shopping list,

though marrow useful for the bones.


So frankly, half-term, dusted down,

I can recline, feet raised on high

with buttons, plugs for chair, TV,

such great relief, back home, to be.


Used by permission of the author.

Stephen Kingsnorth

Stephen Kingsnorth (Cambridge M.A., English & Religious Studies), retired to Wales from ministry in the Methodist Church, has had over ...more