Mark Coxe

Mark Coxe has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for 10 years after receiving his diagnosis at 50. He’s enjoying early retirement and keeps his brain active by writing poetry and volunteering with his local support group. He was recently nominated and received recognition in the volunteer awards. Although Mark says that the gold Brain Badge is a little tacky, he’s been known to wear it with pride.

Mark’s strives to put Parkinson’s in its place with his honest and humorous take on living with PD. He began writing poetry during the pandemic and has published a book of his work, Reflections: Poetic Thoughts About Parkinson’s, Pandemic, and Life. To purchase a copy of his book, email Mark at He is currently working on a second collection of poems. All proceeds of his book go to Parkinson’s UK and Mark’s local support group in Fife, Scotland where he lives.

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