Tim Hague, Jr.

Tim was formally diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in February of 2011 after first noticing a tremor in his left foot during the fall of 2010. The diagnosis came as a shock to an otherwise healthy individual. After a period of initial struggle, Tim got back on his feet continuing to workout and lead a healthy lifestyle. He successfully trained for and ran his first triathlon in the summer of 2011. Since that time, Tim has continued to partner with various organizations to encourage physical activity among people with Parkinson’s. Tim strongly promotes physical activity as it has been shown to have significant positive impacts on the progression of Parkinson’s.

Tim earned his Registered Nurse designation in 1995 and has cared for many Parkinson’s patients throughout his career. In addition, Tim’s adopted father also had Parkinson’s Disease, which added to the deep understanding and compassion that Tim holds for people living with the disease. Tim is far too well acquainted with Parkinson’s; however, it is this close professional and personal association that brings power and poignancy to his work.