A LETTER TO ME…….! by Jose Julio

My dear friend, it’s been long time without communication.

Honestly just been lazy

Since my last letter

my Parkinson’s symptoms are increasing a lot.

Frozen legs, falling, rigidity, chronic pain ,

slow movements and my speech is horrible.

Depression, anxiety and panic to be around people.

I’ve isolated my-self without socializing.

Life is miserable like this,

What kind of life is this?

I see everyone getting worse and worse.

I don’t know what to do, just sleep and watch TV.

My friend what am I doing wrong?


My dear friend, I’m deeply sorry for your situation

and I feel sorry for your miserable life,

you are such a pity.

Nonononono !

That is what you want to hear from me.

But, I’m sorry I’m not going to play your games,

you want me to feel sorry for you.

You know that Parkinson’s is a Progressive degenerative disease.

And, you know how this is going to be.

Instead of complaining

be prepared and make adjustments for what is coming.

To know who are you?

Find out what you do.

And, then you will realize who are you.

Know your disability and know your abilities.

Study your enemies

the more you know about them

The more easy will be your battles.

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Are you a thankful person or a complaining person?

Depression and anxiety even panic are emotional stages ,

you control your emotions

the emotions don’t control you.

Help others it’s the best therapy,

always people who are in worse situations than you.

Accept the situation

Never quit or worry about being a failure,

increase your optimism

Stay strong

stay in faith

and keep your hope.

Have a vision,

a men without vision is a dead man.

I hope your next letter tells me how fantastic you feel.

Remember always I’m here for you my friend.

Do not take too long write back.


Wow! Now I see it more clearly.

Thank my friend for your advice.

I promise will write back soon.

Your best friend.