The Quiver March 2022 Poetical Challenge

A Consultation

So what can you do for me doctor,now you’ve told me I’ve got this disease?How will you banish the shaking and pain?Give me something to vanishthe fog in my brain?No? Oh!Well, if you can’t get rid of it long will it take me to heal?To get back my memory,focus and energyWhat are you going to do about mending me?Where do I get my new deal?No? Oh!Why don’t you just give me a cure then?A vaccine to make it all stopTo sort out my bladder,my bowels and my moodsTo stop dying neurons from coming ungluedA tablet to put me on topNo? Oh!So, all that’s on offer is treatmentJust slowing the beast down a bitReduce a few symptomswith lengthy prescriptionsRelieve my infirmity, just temporarilyI learn to live with it or quitNo! So…To sum up this short consultationCause It’s helpful to know how I standPD prevention is awaiting inventionYou can’t heal the decay and a cure’s far awayI just take the pills and work out twice a dayand abandon the future I planned

Martin Pickard

Martin Pickard started writing poetry in 2019 following his retirement and lives with his wife and cocker spaniel in Bedfordshire, ...more