I swim in a sea of ​​thoughts.
I struggle to keep my head
Above water. It’s so heavy.
My strength is failing.

“There’s no drowning here!” I tell myself
So I swim on full of anger.
Look over there! Land in sight!

I swim…
I don’t want to drown.
Heaps of thoughts in my head.
What am I supposed to do with them?

I see a sign there
That says:
Happy Head Company
We buy bad thoughts at the best prices!
Contact us! Walk-ins welcome!

I enter.
The doorbell rings.
I am greeted warmly
They make an attractive offer.

I get a new head.
Scrubbed clean of fear and anxiety.
I ride the bus home
With a pillow from space research
As a bonus for being among the first orders.
The whole thing is so cheap!
Barely a hundred euros.

I pay and am thoroughly rewired
It roars and hums and shakes a little
After a short drive, I arrive home.
And feel free!
I look forward to tomorrow:
To a day without worries!

And if the Happy Head company should ever go under, because of its heavy load,
I have invented something and will patent it promptly:
The thought washing machine!

Fear, pain, sadness and anger go in at the bottom.
Then comes the wash cycle and all becomes clean!
I see love and friendship, hope and courage
That appear above together with foam.
You can hardly believe it, but everything will be fine!

Used by Permission of the author.

Ingrid Hauff

Ingrid Hauff was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014 and lives outside Hamburg, Germany.more