Yiddish Wisdom* Haiku

“What hurts most is what

you can’t reveal to others”

A Yiddish saying


“When one must one can.”

So must we endure our pain,

Smile at others.


“A sleepless night is

The worst punishment.” To tell

To healthy dreamers.


“Don’t ask the doctor!”

Only patients know what’s true

So, “Ask the patient.”


Explaining your ills,

No one will accept your word

Cheerful, denial


How bad can it be?

“Sometimes the remedy is

Worse than the disease.”


Well meaning comments

Swirl around the sick one’s head.

Comfort the speakers…


While the patient prays,

“Please God help me to get up!

I can fall myself.”




*Yiddish quotes translated to English



Used by permission of the author.

Michele Keir

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