Word Traction

Mind stuck in neutral 
close to reverse
Want to write something 
a line or a verse.
Can’t sleep while this chaos
in my head still exists 
Few nights I sleep soundly
But why now like this?
Left eyelid drooping
like a hammock, blocking sight
Right eye now watery
these new specs, 
don’t feel right.
Morning fast approaching 
I won’t last the day  
If sleep is preempted 
cuz my mind wants to play.
My pen is bone dry
Blank screen’s staring back
spoken words are awaiting
yet for now they feel trapped.
Words flash like lightening 
then speed out of sight 
I’ve become their hunter
midst of the night.
Lie still in waiting
unsure to move
Desire to express
finding my groove…
Melodies add mayhem
mind overflowin’
Starving to rest  
yet I love where it’s goin’.
An idea to transition 
thoughts to express
“write that sh#t down” (thanks HK )
once it’s gone, 
mind won’t rest.
Sun slowly risen’ 
brings fresh, new days’ air
Nature’s melodic greeting
one more day that we share.
Once taken for granted
day, noon and night 
Treasuring each moment
while living this life.


Used by permission of the author.

Shane McPhee

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s (PD) in October 2011, Shane, since then,  has found a growing interest in writing stories or poems ...more