Weathering the Storm

Into each life a little rain must fall
Or so the saying goes
So why did I get a deluge
Totally drenching me with woes

Buckets upon buckets
Dumped over my head
Barely catching my breath
Doing the backstroke instead

Instead of the pitter patter
Of gently falling rain
I’m getting pelted by a tropical storm
That messes with my brain

Malevolently bearing down on me
A hurricane with winds so speedy
Nearly knocking me to my knees
Making me feel weak and needy

A typhoon ripping through my life
Destroying things in its path
Confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance
And sometimes even my laugh

You may think
To make this comparison
To be a bit extreme
But just venture out in my monsoon
And try hard not to scream

But alas, I’m armed with tools
To help me withstand this cascade
Wrapped in the loving, caring arms
Of family, friends—my cavalcade

Perhaps with a cure on the horizon
Into calmer waters I’ll sail
And a return to my former self
Will be the weather that will prevail

Used by permission of the author.

Nancy Signer

Nancy is a person with Parkinson’s since 2010. She is a recent painter and poet, having acquired these skills as ...more