I don’t feel guilty if I am faulty

I don’t have a warranty

but I am strong

I can shake, just a tremble, maybe dissemble

but I still resemble

A 1nan with pride


Parkinson’s is with me

Brings symptoms a-plenty

It does not define me

It does not confine me

I will not resign me

To give up on life


Future uncertain hidden behind a curtain

There is no reverting

But I won’t give in


Take medication, control situation

Still crave the sensation

Of living life


Parkinson’s is with me

As is my dignity

It is not the whole me

Look past it and see me

Engage with and meet me

See my smile


I know my value I will not wallow

Parkinson’s I swallow

It’s my destiny


So come take my hand walk across the land

Life I still command

See the beauty I see


See the beauty I see

Hope the reality

I still remain able

I don’t need a label

Condition stable

Come sit at my table

Raise a glass to life



Photo by Humam on Unsplash

Jon Best

Jon Best resides in Cornwall, UK and was diagnosed with young onset PD at the age of 35 in 2007. ...more