Usta Could

Well I now have this crazy ailment

Known to some as just P.D.

Thanks to Mr. Parkinson

The first to define the disease


Now I happen to have this condition

I suspected that someday I might

Because my father met this big dragon

Now it’s looking to mess up MY life


It’s revealed by so many symptoms

Each one unique to treat

Many have worked to make life better

For us…but now it’s just got to be BEAT!


So many things have changed for me

So many quirks…none good

So many times I say “I can’t do that”

The way that I Usta could


I can’t keep a fast pace at anything

At times can’t even work with wood

I can’t ride a bike or even walk a big dog

The way that I Usta could


Sometimes I don’t recognize myself

The way I walk, turn, and shake

The drool, the falls, the stiffness of limbs

The insomnia that keeps me awake


I wonder what people say and feel

When they encounter someone with P.D.

Do they show compassion or just pity?

For though I walk like a turtle, I want to scream so loud… “Hey It’s still just ME”


They say I’ll likely get worse with time

Dementia, delusions, loss of control

It’s all part of this spiral we know as P.D.

But I’m NOT gonna sink down that hole


I will live life to the fullest

Try to taste life as we should

It’s time to rejoice in what we Can Do

Instead of what we Usta could


I don’t know the way of the path I am on

I’m not bitter and do not fear

I know that my God and my fellow man

Will come through and always draw near


I don’t want to go down a forgotten one

My life has much value and good

So let us continue to love, and be loved

The way that we Usta could.


For though I walk like a turtle I want to scream so loud “Hey I’m still just ME!”



Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash


John Giannico

John Giannico, 64, resides with his wife near Madison, VA and has thrived with PD for over 20 years. John ...more