To A Friend

I saw his image again just now

Walking just ahead

He was flowing with that graceful gait

The movement of a steed.


LOYALTY – he defined it

LOVING – so much heart

PLAYFULL – always happy

READY – from the start


The way you came into my life

The great story of that day

You came, you stayed, you lived,

we loved, you left – too suddenly.


SITTING – ever waiting

LAYING – head on chest

WATCHING – ever mindful

FETCHING – never rest


His eyes had such expression

He could move you with a look

We had no troubles talking

He read me like a book


CARING – oh so gentle

PERCEIVING – he just knew

PROTECTIVE – he could scare you!

COMFORTING – through and through


In the river, in the woods

That daffodil field you graced

I took you there and you took to life

Every one, Every thing, Every place


GIFTED – you were to me

SMART- beyond compare

HANDSOME – such a beauty

WILLING – to go anywhere


You let me know when it was time

God’s mission for you complete

In the end as I watched you go

Just touch, not our eyes, would meet


RUNNING – oh so handsome

RIDING – in the rear

SNIFFING – what a sniffer!

BREATHING – in my ear


I saw his image again just now

Hello ol’ friend of mine

You touched me deeply, I loved you so

My gift from the Divine



(For my first dog, “Zeke”)



Image and poem used by permission of the author.

John Giannico

John Giannico, 64, resides with his wife near Madison, VA and has thrived with PD for over 20 years. John ...more