This Tune

this tune, once a thought 
took some time to compose
audience of one
teacher, student,  
I am those 
eager to learn 
mind to hands, in due time
it won’t  come with ease, 
can’t set it aside
this life that I live, 
grateful for what is mine
challenge the brain 
one day at a time 
A misplayed note, 
a lesson learned
looking back I see 
that I’m round a turn 
Informally trained
I guess that’s by ear,
can’t jot it down,
do you hear what I hear? 
Music and words, 
a momentary bliss 
connecting mind to heart 
I need more of this.


Used by permission of the author.

Shane McPhee

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s (PD) in October 2011, Shane, since then,  has found a growing interest in writing stories or poems ...more